I have been completely natural for a few years now, but currently wear my hair in senegalese twist extensions due to the rigors of law school. Your products, especially the Bee Mine Hair Growth Serum, the Bee Mine Juicy Moisturizing Daily Spritz, and the Bee Mine Luscious Balanced Cream Moisturizer have become my hair staples and allow me to take great care of my hair even while hidden away in extensions. I achieve a great balance of moisture and protein due to the Bee Mine product line! Thank you so much for making quality products; I am a customer for life! -Marisa A., Florida
THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! I placed my order on Aug 15 and received it today - 3 days?! Legendary service! Love it and love my products! The Luscious Balanced Cream Moisturizer, the Curly Butter and the Avocado Cream Balanced Conditioner - BOMB!! These are my staples for my 3 year old daughter's thick, extra curly, koily hair. We've been using your products for 8 months now - no more dryness! THANKS again for the prompt service!!! ~LIFETIME CUSTOMER! -Ericka Steward 
Your products are a blessing and my girls and I have really enjoyed using them. I have seen a HUGE difference in the look and feel of our hair after only a week of using the products. I am so grateful to you and your work in creating a wonderful line of products for OUR hair and I wish you many blessings. We will truly be long time customers! -Michelle G. 
I absolutely love your products. Finally found a whole line of products I can use. My hair is feeling soooo soft. -Stephanie Gibbs 
Hi Bee Mine! I just thought I'd send an updated testimony on your Luscious Balanced Cream Moisturizer! I started transitioning back to my natural curls, coils and kinks in October of last year, and I must say that your product has continued to work wonders for my natural hair. When I apply it to damp hair, it just melts into my hair. I have about 3 inches of natural hair, and it never disappoints! I can't say enough about it! I've tried so many different types of moisturizers to help keep my hair soft - and your moisturizer continues to work for my hair! We all know how finding products that work for our specific hair can border on desperation ... and I'm so happy to say that I can check "finding a moisturizer that keeps my hair moisturized" off my list! This works, and I'm so glad! So, just wanted to give an updated testimony on this moisturizer. Bee Blessed!  -Denyse 
I wanted to let you know that I absolutely LOVE the Botanicals Moisturizing Shampoo!! It is by far, the BEST shampoo I have ever tried!! For 5 years, I have been in search of a good, all natural, sulfate free shampoo that didn't strip my hair and make it feel dry and brittle. This is it! This shampoo not only didn't strip my hair and make it feel dry, it left my hair really soft, moisturized and detangles. I have 4B, texlaxed, MBL hair and this shampoo is an answer to my prayer. I have tried everything under the sun. I was sooo tired of trying different shampoos only to find they didn't work. I didn't even enjoy the shampoo process any longer because of all the work I had to do afterward to try and restore my hair back to normal. I love to co-wash, but knew I wanted a good shampoo in my regimen. I saw the rave review that Tracey gave on her blog at KISS and hesitantly decided to give it a try. THIS SHAMPOO FAR EXCEEDED MY EXPECTATIONS!! I have NEVER in my life used a shampoo that left my hair feeling like this one. PLEASE don't ever stop making this shampoo!!  This is definitely a staple of mine. -Charlotte 
Finally! Products that actually work ... I have tried every moisturizer and conditioner on the market and nothing worked ... until I found Bee Mine. I live in the desert, so moisture is a must when it comes to my hair and skin. Your products have brought life back into my 4B tresses. My hair looks, feels, and smells great ... THANK YOU! -Tiann B.
Dear Bee Mine, I just wanted you to know that I really enjoy your products and I believe them to be the best product line to use on my naturally curly hair. I've used your hair serum, avocado conditioner, and curly butter hold products and I am AMAZED at how well my hair feels, looks and smells. My hair has grown over the past month wonderfully and it stays moisturized all day. Thank you so much for making such a WONDERFUL product line and for being so hospitable on the phone with me. May God bless you and your wonderful business! I'm sure to order more real soon! =) ~Kimira Lewis (a new Maryland fan =) -Kimira Lewis
I don’t write reviews about products unless the product is really bad or really good. I ordered the Bee Mine growth serum in the hope of growing the thinning hair at my temples due to many years of wearing micro braids. When I noticed the braids were taking the hair out at my temples, I immediately stopped wearing them and started searching for products to grow the hair back. I have tried everything out there and nothing worked. I even went to the dermatologist and got steroid shots in my temples to encourage growth, but it did not help. After that I just gave up. Five years down the line, I discovered Bee Mine growth serum. I had no expectations as nothing else worked, but to my surprise not even 3 weeks after I started using it, I started seeing hair coming in where it had not in years! I was shocked! So I told my mother about it, and she started using it too. My mother has long 3c with a little 4a hair, but the entire temple area was COMPLETELY bald, so she has been wearing wigs because she is embarrassed about it. Before the wigs, she was gluing tracks right onto her scalp in that area. She figured there was nothing that would bring the hair back, so she didn’t care. She has been using the Bee Mine growth serum for about 3 months, and she already has a lot of healthy new growth coming in. She is so happy with this product and so am I. It really, truly does work. If there is a miracle product out there, this is it. At the rate her hair is growing in, I know that by this time next year, she will have a full, beautiful hair line and she will no longer be ashamed to wear her natural hair.
I highly recommend this product to men and women of any ethnicity suffering hair loss of any kind. This also goes a very long way. We have not even used half a bottle between the two of us in 3 months. I ordered a new one because I don’t ever want to run out. And it smells wonderful. Thank you so much for making this miracle in a bottle :) I will be ordering more of your products because I have had so much success with your growth serum. Also, the customer service is great and the shipping is super fast. Both times I have ordered, I have not waited longer than a few days. Again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and Mom says thank you as well :) -Lala26
Thank you so much for your product, almost two years ago my daughter gave me a package that contained a "special formulation” serum from your company, I had just lost all of my hair the total crown section of my hair. In the last few years, I suffered with alopecia, already experiencing a few bold spots. Now, over the last 2 years, I used some oils. These oils worked only just a little. In the meantime, your product sat in my medicine cabinet during those two years. A couple of weeks ago, I started using your product, and lo and behold, it started working immediately. Once again "thank you" for a fresh start. I will contact you on my progress. -Patricia Sharrock
I love the Bee Mine Mango Serum, and it is working wonders for my hair! I have gained 2 inches of new growth, and my hair feels fuller and thicker! Thanks, Bee Mine -Kelle 
Hey, just wanted to let you know that I've been using your hair serum since mid-December and my hair and edges have grown like crazy! This is great stuff at a good price as a bottle lasts me about 2 months (I need to be a little less heavy handed with the product I guess). I love the fact that it doesn't smell like sulfur and the mango scent is awesome. My hair is so shiny and soft. You'll continue to have me as a customer :) Thanks! -missjgirl15
I tried the new Bee Mine Curly Butter in coconut cream and I loooove it. I used it on wet hair as a moisturizer, and let my hair air-dry overnight. When I checked my hair in the morning it was really soft and still moisturized. I don't know what I love more, the growth serum or the butter!  Please keep doing what you do in making these wonderful products. Thanks Tracey Q! - Sassy
I've received 3/4 inches growth in under a month’s time. Thank you so much Bee Mine for such an awesome product! - Sharon 
Your product is a miracle! After only one month, my hair has grown at least an inch! I had never tried growth products before, but I must admit that I am very impressed with this one. Bee Mine growth serum smells great and feels good on the scalp. I highly recommend it to anyone who is having problems growing their hair long and healthy! -Lisa
Hi Ms. Tracey, GROWTH UPDATE … So here it goes. I told you before I don’t have a camera so it’s hard for me to track my growth but, I had kinky twists in for 2 months and took them out Saturday (oh the horror). I can usually leave my hair braided or twisted for close to 4 months (maybe not that long) but WOWZA there was sooooo much growth and thickness that them things was screaming for me to let them loose. When I told you that u had a customer forever I meant it. I know what length my hair was when I got it twisted and I got about an inch or so cut, it has clearly grown 1½ in the last month and I love my Bee Mine. So I plan to do my transition for about a year, cutting off my relaxed ends as I go (I have about 6 inches of relaxed hair). I’m also going to check my growth at the 1st of every month and I’m going to keep you posted on my progress. Right now I’m protecting it with a head wrap until I find a beauty salon to go to here in Tampa that does natural / transitional hair. So until next time. -Rasheedah


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